ActivePresenter 是一款免費的螢幕錄影製作教學影片軟體,可錄製教學影片,製作教學影片或互動式研習簡報教材。當您螢幕錄影時,該應用程序可為您提供創建任何展示巨大的機會,同時它也包含了很多有用的工具,用於修改所創建的螢幕記錄。該軟件使您能夠捕獲記錄播放的屏幕視頻或流媒體視頻,還可以導入使用PowerPoint 演示文稿,以及使用幻燈片創建標準的演示。
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ActivePresenter 還允許敘述者為展示預先製備MP3,OGG,WMA和WAV等格式的背景聲音。。此外,該程序允許您創建高質量的剪輯,而無需使用額外的視訊編輯軟體。使用者將能夠直觀地顯示鼠標點擊、光標的移動和位置、擊鍵和拖動項目的過程。一套廣泛的編輯工具可確保正確插入圖形、文本和標準形狀(例如,箭頭和圓形),包括簡化可調整比例的插入、突出顯示元素和實現各種幻燈片之間的過渡。

ActivePresenter is an on-premise video creation solution for educational organizations and corporate training teams. With this solution, users can record/capture desktop screens, edit screencast videos, and create interactive eLearning content in HTML5. ActivePresenter includes several editing features/tools for audio and video files. This solution is compatible with Mac and Windows devices and content created can be shared with any mobile device.

This solution supports webcam recording and keyboard/mouse click captures. With ActivePresenter, users can add color, effects, numbering, bullet-point lists, shapes, animations, and transitions to videos. Advance audio effects include fade in/out, noise reduction, and audio normalization. Customized …

軟體名稱: ActivePresenter
軟體版本: V8.5.9
軟體語言: 多國語言(繁體中文)
官方網站: 官方網站
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