BT下載軟體-BitComet (比特彗星) 1.64 中文免安裝


▲BitComet (比特彗星) 中文免安裝

v1.64 2020.1.13
GUI Improve: add new advanced option: Use toast notifications in action center under Windows 10 (Need to create shortcut in start menu)
GUI Improve: the max connection number for HTTP download task changed from 20 to 200 in HTTP task properties window
GUI Improve: the max default connection number for HTTP download task changed from 20 to 200 in option window
GUI Improve: show notification when the paging file is too small for memory allocation
GUI Improve: add info-tip for peer count, health and share ratio column in task download list
GUI Improve: improve display for HiDPI
GUI Bugfix: the display name parameter in the magnetic link caused the default save name of the downloaded file to be incorrect
GUI Bugfix: issues on sorting torrent list by snapshot or comments
GUI Bugfix: the speed graph not cleared after perform disk cleanup for HTTP task
GUI Bugfix: the queuing state icon not displayed if the task is in error state
GUI Bugfix: the function of sorting by task state not working for queuing tasks
Core Improve: enhanced the ability of HTTP download tasks to detect server support for download resume
Core Improve: reduce memory usage for torrent metadata download
Core Improve: improve video file snapshot, support thumbnail, decrease loading time
Core Improve: disable extra disk writing verify to decrease disk usage
Core Bugfix: if auto file moving launched after hash check when download finished, the files been moved will bot be removed
Core Bugfix: HTTP download should stop immediately after failure of creating file
Core Bugfix: program may crash at exit

軟體名稱: BitComet
軟體版本: V1.64
軟體語言: 多國語言(繁體中文)
官方網站: 官方網站
下載連結: 免安裝版下載


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