Youtube Downloader HD 是一款免費的Youtube影片下載軟體,只要將您想下載的Youtube輕鬆下載的影片網址複製貼入,就能夠輕鬆下載Youtube 影片,並將影片轉換成 avi 或 mp4 視訊格式。

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Youtube Downloader HD 支援幾種視頻類型的輸出,即FLV(240p,HQ 360p或HQ 720p)和MP4(中等質量,HD 720p或全高清1080p)。


Youtube Downloader HD is the free video downloader. Download your videos easily and convert to MP4 video format (compatible with all media players, iPhone, iPad). You can download 4K Ultra HD, Quad HD, High Definition and Full HD videos from YouTube!

What you are getting with YouTube Downloader HD:

  • Easy tool to download your YouTube videos: just copy the URL of the video and download with Youtube Downloader HD
  • Download videos in 4K Ultra HD, Quad HD or Full HD quality
  • Convert the downloaded videos in MP4 format
  • Very fast downloader for big videos
  • Compatible with Windows 7/8/10 and also with Windows XP/Vista 32/64 (please, download special XP/Vista release)
軟體名稱: Youtube Downloader HD
軟體版本: V5.4.3
軟體語言: 多國語言(繁體中文)
官方網站: 官方網站
下載連結: 免安裝版下載


What’s new in latest versions of YouTube Downloader HD:

  • [November 16, 2023] v.5.4.3
    1. Download audio track with default language [for multilingual videos] (reported by David W.). In future versions it will be possible to select an audio track.
    2. Option to download 144p videos (requested by Alan)
  • [September 17, 2023] v.5.4.1
    1. Option to choose whether or not to download the entire playlist (requested by many users)
  • [July 10, 2023] v.5.3.1
    1. Another slow download fix
    2. Increase the maximum number of download threads to 64
  • [June 29, 2023] v.5.3
    1. Troubleshoot slow download issue (thanks to the many users who reported the issue!)
  • [June 15, 2023] v.5.2.1
    1. Small bugfixes
  • [May 10, 2023] v.5.2 Playlists!
    1. Finally the Playlist Download is available with Youtube Downloader HD. Just add a playlist URL instead of a video URL and click “Add to Download Queue”. This also works with video URL containing a “list” parameter.
    2. Small bug fixes
  • [March 25, 2023] v.5.1 High Speed Edition
    1. Significant increase in download speed for large videos (thanks to Dharam for help)
    2. Bug fix: “The URL column can’t be stretched” (thanks Ray for reporting the issue)

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