Youtube輕鬆下載-Youtube Downloader HD 4.3.3 繁體中文免安裝

Youtube Downloader HD 是一款免費的Youtube影片下載軟體,只要將您想下載的Youtube 影片網址複製貼入,就能夠輕鬆下載Youtube 影片,並將影片轉換成 avi 或 mp4 視訊格式。[軟體部落推薦指數推薦指數4星]

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Youtube Downloader HD 支援幾種視頻類型的輸出,即FLV(240p,HQ 360p或HQ 720p)和MP4(中等質量,HD 720p或全高清1080p)。


What you are getting with YouTube Downloader HD:

  • Easy tool to download your YouTube videos: just copy the URL of the video and download with Youtube Downloader HD
  • Download videos in 4K Ultra HD, Quad HD or Full HD quality
  • Convert the downloaded videos in MP4 format
  • Very fast downloader for big videos
  • Compatible with Windows 7/8/10 and also with Windows XP/Vista 32/64 (please, download special XP/Vista release)
軟體名稱: Youtube Downloader HD
軟體版本: V4.3.3
軟體語言: 多國語言(繁體中文)
官方網站: 官方網站
下載連結: 免安裝版下載


  • [April 18, 2022] v.4.3.3
    1. Download speed fix
  • [March 17, 2022] v.4.3.1
    1. A few little improvements and bug fixes
  • [February 3, 2022] v.4.3
    1. Bug fix for error “Can’t retrieve youtube video. Try another resolution”
      Thanks to all users for reporting!
  • [December 3, 2021] v.4.2.1
    1. New feature: Adding multiple URLs from the text file.
      You can now add a bunch of videos to the download list at once instead of adding them one at a time. Just create a txt file and add URLs (one URL per line).
      Requested by Jack L.
    2. Better usability: New items “Copy URL” and “Copy Video Title” in the right-click menu of the video list.
      Requested by Ray
    3. Fix for better usability: Clear Video URL field after adding to list
      Requested by Max
    4. Bug fix: Incorrect numbering in the video list after user manipulation
  • [October 15, 2021] v.4.2
    1. Low speed issue finally resolved! Thank you all for your patience 🙂
  • [September 23, 2021] v.4.1
    1. Usability feature: contextual menu with several options for removing items from the download list. Also you can still use Del key to delete selected item.
    2. Bug fix: Accidentally adding duplicate items to the download queue.
    3. Bug fix: The Stop function in the middle of the download queue caused the download of the following videos to continue.
  • [July 19, 2021] v.4.0
    1. Major release! Long awaited addition: the Download queue
  • [June 3, 2021] v.3.5.3
    1. Fixes for better usability: reverted to the user-set quality if download lower resolution
      Thanks to all users who noticed this inconvenience.
  • [April 3, 2021] v.3.5.2
    1. Bug fix: download error ‘Unable to extract video info’
      Thanks to all users who helped to sort out the problem!
  • [March 17, 2021] v.3.5
    1. New feature: automatic download of video in a different resolution if the current one is not available
    2. New feature: separate download for 720p 30 FPS and 720p 60 FPS videos
  • [February 25, 2021] v.3.4.1
    1. Minor bug fix: showing 99% download even though the video is fully downloaded.
  • [January 22, 2021] v.3.4
    1. Bug fix: problem with downloading big files (over 2GB). Thanks to all users, who reported about this bug
  • [December 23, 2020] v.3.3.1
    1. Bug fix: problem with some URLs
  • [December 7, 2020] v.3.3
    1. New option: now you can download 4K, 1440p or 720p video in 30 or 60FPS (if available)
    2. Bug fix: problem with downloading large files
    3. Bug fix: rename files on collision
  • [November 27, 2020] v.3.2
    1. Bug fix: Can’t Find YTPlayer
  • [November 26, 2020] v.3.1
    1. Minor bug fixes
  • [October 27, 2020] v.3.0.2
    1. Bug fix: “Unable to download” and “Can’t find js player”
  • [October 9, 2020] v.3.0
    1. Added alot of options and video resolutions (4K Ultra HD, Quad HD!)
  • [July 27, 2020] v.
    1. New feature: name of the resolution was added to video file name
  • [July 10, 2020] v.
    1. Bug fix: a bug with special characters in video title
  • [July 9, 2020] v.
    1. Bug fix: a bug with video Title
  • [March 13, 2020] v.
    1. New feature: The “Open” button now opens the folder with the recently downloaded file selected (thanks to Eliseu for idea)
  • [February 4, 2020] v.
    1. Bug fix: “Return” statement outside of function, Error 7
  • [December 31, 2019] v. Happy Holidays!
    1. Bug fix: Download Error “Can’t find URL file map”
  • [December 5, 2019] v.
    1. Improvement: increased download speed, now it’s really fast

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